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Frequently Asked Questions

Auction Terms & Conditions

(Please note terms and conditions may be different for each auction and are subject to change. Terms on the individual auction listing apply.)


The term “Auction House” refers to Canalside Auctions. “Site(s)” refers to any location (Website, Auction Site, Auction Listing, Catalogue, emails, Communications) to which the “Auction House” engages. “Auction(s)” refers to any auction conducted at or by the Auction House through any Site(s). “Bidder” is anyone who registers to bid.


By registering to bid online with the Auction House you agree to the terms and conditions as set out below.


There is no cost to register through HiBid. Bidders must enter a Valid Credit Card along with required contact information. There will be a $1.00 charge to your card for verification, this is automatically refunded.


A 15% Buyer’s Premium will be added to each purchase.


All Ontario buyers must pay the Ontario Harmonize Sales Tax (HST) of 13%, this shall be added to the total inclusive of any premiums at check-out. Unless exempt by law. Canadian buyers must pay all applicable tax as set by Province.


Due to COVID there is no preview available. Please get in touch to inquire about any lot(s) prior to purchase. Call (289) 821-9170 or



  1. Online Bidding Only. If you have any questions about bidding please ask prior to bidding. We Do Not Ship unless noted explicitly within the description of the individual lot.
  2. MAXIMUM BIDS: Maximum bids are recommended for convenience. Please enter your maximum bid and HiBid automatically bids in real-time on your behalf at the lowest possible increment available. If the lot sells below your maximum you will only be charged the final bit amount (plus any premiums and taxes). This ensures your bids are not missed due to unforeseen circumstances such as internet connectivity or browser issues – especially handy when bidding on multiple items. Maximum bids can be input up-to seven days prior to sale completion and any time during the auction.
  3. SOFT CLOSE: A 2 minute soft close shall be in effect. Any bid received in the last two minutes adds another 2 minutes to the auction close. This is to allow the bidder who was outbid the chance to bid again, this will repeat until no bid has been placed within the last 2 minutes.


  1. Please inspect, ask questions, inquire about anything BEFORE bidding. By placing a bid, you confirm that you have examined, investigated and/or inquired as to any item(s) to your complete satisfaction, and understand that WE DO NOT SHIP. Furthermore:
  2. All websites and auctions conducted by the Auction House are provided on an “as is, where is” basis without liability, with no guarantees or warranties (express or implied).
  3. Our opinions and beliefs have been formed honestly and in accordance with the standards of care reasonably to be expected and are executed to the best of our ability. Pictures are considered part of the description.
  4. Any commentary and other materials posted on any affiliated Site or in any Auction(s) may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. We will not be held liable for any such inaccuracies. It must be clearly understood, however, that you acknowledge and agree that it is technically impossible to provide the Site(s)/Auction(s) free of faults, bugs and errors and that access to the Site(s)/Auction(s) is provided on an “as is” basis. We do not accept any liabilities for faults which may lead to temporary unavailability of the Site(s)/Auction(s), whether this is in our reasonable control or not.

It is the Buyers responsibility to make any necessary arrangement and or remote connections to the Site(s)/Auction(s) for bidding, communications, payment, or for any other purpose


The Auction House reserves the right to withdraw or add to any items as listed in any printed or online Auction, Listing, Advertisement or Promotion. Additionally, the Auction House reserves the right to Add to, Split, or combine any two or more lots at their sole discretion, all without notice. It is the buyers responsibility to check all lots prior to the auction close.


  1. All lots are sold to the highest bidder.
  2. In the event of any error or omission in the submission or processing of any bid the Auction House will not be held responsible.
  3. The winning bid is always at the sole discretion of the Auction House, and this decision shall be final and binding. The Auction House shall make reasonable efforts to communicate with successful bidders, it is the High Bidders responsibility to contact the Auction House to arrange pick-up and/or if there are any issues with payment.


  1. The High Bidders card, on file with HiBid, will be automatically charged after the conclusion of the auction for the entire amount of the purchase(s) plus the 15% Buyer’s premium and all applicable taxes. You will only be charged if you win. Be sure to have an available balance on your card.
  2. If there is an issue with your payment, the auction company reserved the right to void any unpaid invoices and to ban the unpaid bidder from future auctions. The buyer has 48 hours to reconcile their account, the payment method must match the information provided at registration.
  3. If any Buyer defaults at an auction, the Auction House may, at its option, assign the item to a back-up bidder(s) or any interested party, but has no legal obligation to do so.


  1. We do not ship! (Unless explicitly noted within the individual lot description or personally arranged with us prior to bidding.) Items will be released upon presentation of a paid email receipt, you must bring a printed copy with you at pick-up. Be prepared to show ID that matches that used at time of Registration.
  2. All purchase(s) must be picked-up in the time slot scheduled. IN CASE OF PICK-UP EMERGENCY: Please call (289) 821-9170 or


  3. Failure to pick-up will result in the forfeiture of item(s). Any items not picked-up are considered abandoned and the ownership reverts back to the Seller. The buyer will still be charged the full amount for forfeited items, this amount shall be surrendered as a removal fee, up to the total amount of your purchase for disposal of your item(s). If you have any questions or issues with the pick-up scheduler please reach out to us to us and book using phone or email (preferred).
  4. Buyers are responsible for their own removal. The auction staff does not provide moving services or tools for items, small or large, including housewares/collectibles/antiques/furniture/equipment/machinery. Please be prepared to remove all of your purchases by yourself or bring your own help. Bring packing/wrapping materials and/or equipment/machinery for purchase removal, if required.
  5. Removal shall be at the expense, liability and risk of the purchaser. Any damage caused by a buyer during any preview, or during the period of removal is at the expense of the Buyer. Their information will be given to the Vendor upon request and they will be held liable for any damages.
  6. Buyers must remove all items in a lot. If a lot has multiple items the buyer is obligated to remove all items from the premise. The Auctioneer reserves the right to ban any buyer, for any reason, at their sole discretion, if you want to bid in the future it is highly recommended you remove everything you purchased.
  7. The Buyer authorizes the Auction House to release the buyer’s assets to any individual in possession of the buyer’s sales receipt. This individual will be required to sign that all items have been received and meet with their approval prior to leaving the pick-up location with any purchase.


1. Check the Individual Lot Descriptions to see if Shipping is Available. It is not Available on All Lots! This is important! The buyer is responsible to remove All purchased lot(s) from the premise in a timely manner. If the buyer cannot make pick-up and an item does not have shipping the buyer is responsible to contact and pay for a third-party shipper or make other arrangements. This is at the buyers’ time and expense.

2. Canalside Auctions charges the actual cost of postage as set by Canada Post including signature confirmation and insurance (these are mandatory). Lot(s)/Item(s) are bundled together for combined shipping only when it is deemed safe. Combining items for post is at the sole discretion of Canalside Auctions. Therefore, caution that fragile or large items will likely be posted individually and that if a single lot contains multiple items the lot may be posted in multiple-parcels. The value of any parcel will not be misrepresented. Any Customs & Duty is the responsibility of the buyer.

3. Packing & Handling Fees: All posted parcels will have a small packing and handling fee applied over and above actual shipping costs as set by Canada Post. Small parcels are $10, regular parcels $15, and certain larger items or paintings $20. If a lot contains any item the requires specialty packing and/or handling the fee will reflect the requirements and be greater than the standard flat rate amount. It is recommend to contact Canalside Auctions about P&P PRIOR to bidding.

4. In the Case of a Third-Party Shipper: Canalside Auctions cannot be held responsible for any item once it has been signed for or removed from the premise. Once any lot has been picked-up and signed-for is considered the responsibility of the shipper or third-party. Third-party shippers are entirely the responsibility of the buyer.

5. Storage is not available. Any lot not picked-up within the allotted time frame will have a $10/day storage fee applied. The buyer will be required to pay this charge to remove the item if they show up past the agreed upon pick-up time frame. (see Curbside Pick-up #3)


The Auction House does not sell bidder information. Bidders who register consent to be contacted or emailed auction notifications for all Auction(s) for auction related purposes. To be removed from our database or upcoming auctions newsletter, reply with “remove” in the subject line of the email. See our Privacy Policy


The Auction House appreciates all our bidders and consignors alike, and we thank you for your continued business. We want everyone involved to have a good experience!